Quartzsite Historical Society

Address: P.O. Box 331
Quartzsite, AZ 85346
Phone: 928-927-5229
The original adobe stage station was built in 1866 by Charley Tyson at its present location. It was an important way station on the California-Arizona line because of excellent water and grass for the horses. Miners and freighters, hauling mining equipment and military supplies from the river port at Ehrenberg, to the Territorial Capital at Prescott, also stopped here. Accommodations were primitive at best.

The Quartzsite Historical Society opened Tyson's Well Museum in February 1980, after extensive restoration work. The original structurally sound walls were retained and others were rebuilt. A shell of stabilized adobe brick was built around the original walls to protect them. Artifacts were gathered from interested citizens, as well as photographs and old mining equipment. When the building was finished, these articles were placed inside as well as outside the building.. The dirt floor in one of the rooms was maintained for authenticity. The ceiling of the main room consists of saguaro ribs. And the original fireplace is still in use during the winter. Outside in the yard is the original assay shack from the Mariquita Mine, which offers a peak into the everyday life of the miners. Also, in the yard is the handiwork of Walter Barrett. A little village of cement and stone houses built during his retirement and donated to the museum. Just to the west of the Museum are the ruins of the Oasis Hotel, this is our next restoration project, with fundraising currently underway.

Recycling aluminum cans, yard sales, bazaars, slide shows, membership dues, book sales and donations raised money for the restorations. Fundraisers continue during the months the museum is open.

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