Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Arcadia, CA

Hiking Trail locations around Arcadia CA. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 1

    Big Pine Flat Trail

    Big Bear City
    This long, easy-going trail follows a winding route through San Bernardino National Forest from...
  2. 2

    Big Pine Lakes

    At least 10 named, beautiful lakes (with fish!) and numerous ponds and streams await visitors to...
  3. 3

    Jordan Peak Lookout Trail

    Camp Nelson
    Jordan Peak Lookout was built in 1934 and is still operated by paid staff during the fire season....
  4. 4

    Donner Canyon to the Falls Trail

    Mount Diablo has a forbidding image to many, in part because of its name and the legends it has...
  5. 5

    Big Caliente Hot Spring

    Santa Barbara
    Spectacular, though paved, drive up to and along the crest of the Santa Ynez Mountains; lovely...
  6. 6

    Cuyamaca Peak Trail

    Cuyamaca Peak, San Diego County's second highest summit, lies only a few miles from the county's...
  7. 7

    Downieville Downhill

    A visit to the Sierra Buttes area should appear on every mountain biker's "must do" list. The...
  8. 8

    Half Dome Trail

    El Portal
    Many a backpacker has spent his or her first night in the “wilderness” of Little Yosemite Valley....
  9. 9

    Deep Creek

    A cluster of natural hot springs in an isolated canyon in the high desert. Deep Creek has become a...
  10. 10

    Hiouchi Trail

    An easy hike through some top-notch old-growth redwood forest. As an added bonus, the hike follows...

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