Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Oakland, CA

Hiking Trail locations around Oakland CA. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 1

    Big Pine Flat Trail

    Big Bear City
    This long, easy-going trail follows a winding route through San Bernardino National Forest from...
  2. 2

    Big Pine Lakes

    At least 10 named, beautiful lakes (with fish!) and numerous ponds and streams await visitors to...
  3. 3

    Jordan Peak Lookout Trail

    Camp Nelson
    Jordan Peak Lookout was built in 1934 and is still operated by paid staff during the fire season....
  4. 4

    Donner Canyon to the Falls Trail

    Mount Diablo has a forbidding image to many, in part because of its name and the legends it has...
  5. 5

    Cuyamaca Peak Trail

    Cuyamaca Peak, San Diego County's second highest summit, lies only a few miles from the county's...
  6. 6

    Downieville Downhill

    A visit to the Sierra Buttes area should appear on every mountain biker's "must do" list. The...
  7. 7

    Half Dome Trail

    El Portal
    Many a backpacker has spent his or her first night in the “wilderness” of Little Yosemite Valley....
  8. 8

    Deep Creek

    A cluster of natural hot springs in an isolated canyon in the high desert. Deep Creek has become a...
  9. 9

    Hiouchi Trail

    An easy hike through some top-notch old-growth redwood forest. As an added bonus, the hike follows...
  10. 10

    Upper Santa Ysabel Creek Trail

    As San Diego County's newest (2006) open space park, the Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve is...

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