Town: Aurora, CO 80016
Contact: Cynthia Fascher
Phone: 720-935-4300
Website: ILaugh.us

Welcome to ILaugh.us. We are the home of Laughing Yoga in Denver, Colorado. 

Come experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of laughing without humor. 

Laughing Yoga is a blend of yogic deep breathing, stretching, simulated laughter exercises and cultivated child-like playfulness.


Recent News

  • History of Laughing Yoga

    In 1995, Dr. Madan Kataria began researching how laughter really was the best medicine. Dr. Kataria decided there and then to start a laughter club and within three hours put his plan into action in a public park with five friends. Dr Kataria met those five friends in a loca...

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  • Benefits of Laughing Yoga

    Actors and Singers: Laughter Therapy can be very beneficial for singers and actors. Increased lung capacity and exercise of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles will help to gain a better control over speech. Another benefit is enhanced self-confidence and reduced stage frigh...

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