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Nina Storey

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Nina Storey on 5/27/2017 at 8:00pm at The Soiled Dove Underground

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"So Many Ways from:me to:you"

This new album from Nina Storey is funky, sophisticated, intimate and revealing.

Staying true to form, the record is eclectic Nina. As Nina puts it, “There is a cohesiveness to this album in that we pretty much just camped out in this cool analog studio and played all these different instruments. My co-producer on the project, Rob Giles, an amazing talent in his own right, played like 85 percent of the instruments. We have some incredible musicians, engineers and artists on the record -great horn players, guitar players, singers, and they bring a lot to my new sound.

We have musicians who've played with Etta James, Tower of Power, Michelle N'Degeo'cello and Elton John, and also I'm proud and pleased to say that Keb Mo' played on two of the tracks.

Nina says there is an organic feel to this record. Some of the tunes have an old school Motown vibe to them, and some a more gospel, rootsy feel, while others are really out of the box funky and weird.

Part of this included utilizing all kinds of instruments from violas, to trumpets, to Hammond B3 organs to pots and pans to foot stomping.

Nina believes this is also the most emotionally intimate record she’s ever done as well. “There was lots of inspiration and perspiration during this whole process. It's a long play record meaning, it's meant to be listened to from start to finish.”

There's an evolution that takes place as well as a musical journey. Much of this record is about the process of discovering one's self and the journey we all take when we embark upon a relationship. From the beginning of bliss, to the celebration of love, to the realization of things not working out, to the bitter end, or to the realization that love can be saved. Nina explores all of these experiences in her new body of music.

Nina’s songs have been featured in both film and television. Her song, “Better Man” was featured on the Fox hit show, “Standoff” in July. Her music has also been featured in ABC’s, “Alias”, Sony Pictures feature film, “Broken Hearts Club” and the CW (formerly the WB) Network’s, “Girlfriends”. Nina was also featured on The Travel Channel for the program, “Trista and Ryan’s Honeymoon Hotspots.”

Nina has opened for and toured with Artists such as Etta James, Keb’ Mo, Ani DiFranco, Johnny Lang, Joan Osborne, Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, INXS, and Linda Rondstadt.

“24 Off The Board” showcases Nina’s raw, intimate and explosive voice, as well as her catchy melodic yet thought provoking lyrics and music. She has independently written, recorded and released five CDs; “Guilt and Honey”, “Bootleg”, “Shades”, “Nina Storey” and “ 24 Off The Board.” Both “Shades” and “Nina Storey” were released to national and critical acclaim, and have received extensive radio airplay throughout the country on mainstream, Triple A, independent and college radio stations. It can be heard in all of Nina’s work; her voice is mesmerizing and her music is touching, funny, candid, poetic, and always passionate.

She has been featured on CNN Showbiz Today, MTV Online, and Rolling Stone Online. In addition, she has received rave reviews in publications such as; People Magazine, Billboard Magazine, Performing Songwriter, Music Connection, Totally Adult and several of Colorado’s top magazines including Westword and 5280 Magazine, who have named her vocalist and songwriter of the year. In addition, Jazziz Magazine featured Nina, and her single, “All the Little Things”, on their new compilation CD.

Her performance is equally moving in both larger and smaller venues as was heard in The Lilith Fair, Woodstock ’99, The Montreal International Jazz Festival, The Monterey Blues Festival, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, and Red Rocks Amphitheater; as well as her solo piano acoustic performances at The High Sierra Festival, or on the live performance syndicated TV series, “Spotlight on Performing Songwriter.”

Nina can also be seen in concert from coast to coast, on Frontier Airlines new in-flight television channel, “Wild Blue Yonder.” In June 2006 Nina released her single and music video for “This Naked Woman”. This new song showcases Nina’s sultry, provocative and powerful vocal and lyrical evolution. Nina has also been selected to endorse Sennheiser Microphones as well as Klipsch Audio as they have said, “the passion this emerging singer songwriter displays…proves she’s a true original.”

Press Quotes

"With a voice like hers pyrotechnics are redundant." -People Magazine

“Formal training and theory aside, songwriting is at heart a mysterious process that’s probably driven by as many different creative impulses as there are composers. In the case of Nina Storey, the desire to write songs was a natural outgrowth of her extraordinary gifts as a vocalist.“ -Performing Songwriter

“…By far one of the most powerful and expressive voices in the business today. Combining poignant storytelling with memorable melodies, Storey delivers music that is first-rate and poised to take her place in the company of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan.” -Music Connection

"...Soulful sparkplug Nina Storey might well be called LA NIÑA …can stir up a storm when she belts out her self-penned soul-funk tunes. She’s starting to build an out-of-state audience and her album, “Shades” (on Colorado label Nina Storey Music), shows she has what it takes to become a national Storey.” -The Denver Post

“…But you soon learn her vulnerability is her strength. As her song "Looks Can Be Deceiving" off her self-titled CD illustrates, she is like a butterfly as her voice flits and flutters over the notes with delicacy, then in a blink of an eye, morphs into a raptor and plucks up a note and takes it and you for a ride. Storey’s voice can be described as nothing less than clear, powerful and agile.” -Boston Girl Guide

"...Nina Storey whose voice is half Janis and half Alanis, and whose arresting delivery is three parts Virgin Mary and one part Dirty Harry" -Good Times Magazine

"With a voice of fire and quicksilver, Nina Storey is preparing to announce her arrival.“ -The Santa Cruz Sentinel

“She puts so much energy, verve and soul into her shows that she can barely whisper when greeting well-wishers after a performance …if there’s any justice in world, she should become a huge star." -Monterey County Herald ”It (So Many Ways from:me to:you”) could arguably be called her greatest triumph to date. She has raised the bar to new heights on her past projects, but with this work she jumps right over it.” -The Vail Daily

“Always a vocal standout, Storey’s latest release “So Many Ways from: me to: you” has an organic, simple approach that let’s her voice command center stage. Tuned lithe, sexy and strong, Nina’s vocal instrument communicates loss, acceptance, and freedom in her indomitable eclectic style.” -Boston Girl Guide

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