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  • Rooftops Newsletter: Everyone Has To Eat

    There is little to dispute that statement. Food, as we all know, is critical to maintaining life and health. Everyone does have to eat, but not everyone has to, or even wants to, eat the same things. The evidence of that can be found in the aisles of every supermarket and th...

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  • Making Connecticut Votes Count Newsletter - February 14, 2018

    Connecticut Pushes to Elect the President by Popular VoteThis is the inaugural issue of Making Connecticut Votes Count. We’ll be presenting news and analysis focused on a non-partisan reform movement that is sweeping the country. Its objective is to have the people&rsq...

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  • Earth Talk: Risks of chemical drain clog removers

    Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard that the chemicals we use to unclog backed-up drains are harmful to our health and the environment. Can you suggest safer alternative products or methods? – A.S.   Chemical drain clog removers do contain some pretty harmf...

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  • Connecticut Food Bank News: Help Hungry Neighbors

    Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn, leaving you without the security you thought you'd always have. That's what happened to Lisa, who shops at a Connecticut Food Bank member food pantry. Difficult life changes have left her a single parent with three young children to ...

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  • Rooftops Newsletter: Somebody's Grandmother Is Hungry

    Here at NFESH it is not unusual to answer the phone and find a reporter with questions about our senior hunger research on the other end of the line. Typically, those callers cover news beats focused on aging or health or poverty or safety net programs. In other words, they ...

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  • Connecticut Food Bank News - Record-Breaking Temperatures and Nothing to Eat

    Heat or Eat? You Can Make a DifferenceOne of the most distressing choices our struggling neighbors must make is whether they buy food or pay for their utilities.This winter, our community has faced record‑breaking cold. With temperatures below zero at night and with biting...

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  • Connecticut Food Bank - Thank you: Here's to the New Year

    All of us at the Connecticut Food Bank want you to know how much we appreciate your support and partnership. We are so grateful to be part of this community of caring people like you who come together to help end hunger in Connecticut!Your support has touched thousands of li...

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  • Kidz Konnection Shoreline Theater Academy

    makes one small step to a better space, one giant leap for accessible youth education in the performing arts in Connecticut. On December 1, Kidz Konnection Shoreline Theater Academy kicked off its grand opening to its new building, The Academy building located at 61 East ...

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  • 1st Annual Clinton October Festival

    From: Clinton October Festival

    Celebrate fall with Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets at the First Annual Clinton October Festival. Enjoy live music from the Podunk Throwbacks, locally made crafts and artistry at the Love It Fall Artisan Market, a food truck rally and more. The food truck rally, which will ...

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  • Connecticut Food Bank - Community Conversations: Breaking the Cycle of Hunger

    Hunger in Connecticut; the numbers are surprising and the need is growing. More than 400,000 Connecticut residents struggle with hunger. More than 120,000 Connecticut residents are identified by the USDA as regularly missing meals or skipping meals to allow others in their h...

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