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  • Veterans Day history and parades for

    What does Veterans Day mean to Belleview and Marion county, FL? Veterans Day originally began as a way to honor the soldiers of World War I. Although the war officially ended in June of 1919 (with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles), President Woodrow ...

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  • Make Your Spirits Bright This Christmas!

    'Tis the season to be jolly in­ Belleview, FL – but it might also be the season to be stressed out, overextended and downright “Grinch-y!” If you find yourself treating the Christmas holiday like one big ‘to-do” list, here are some tips for putting the joy (and s...

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  • Back-to-School Tips

    Time to pack up the sand pails and load up the backpack! Heading back to school can be exciting, scary, fun – but it doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve gathered some great tips for getting your whole family organized, motivated and ready to make the most of the new school ...

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  • Hail to the Chiefs

    Think of it as the Mount Rushmore of holidays – sort of. President’s Day was designed as a tidy way to commemorate the February birthdays of two of our greatest leaders: George Washington (born on the 22nd) and Abraham Lincoln (the 12th). So while you’re busy hitting a...

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  • Hey, Cupid! Over Here!

    Valentine's Day is the most roman­­tic day of the year. That’s a lot of pressure for most of us romantically-challenged types. Whether you’re paired off or single, here’s some fun ways to give Cupid a hand and create a little love magic. ...

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  • Get a Grip on Your Gigabytes! National Clean Out Your Computer Day is Feb 12

    It may not look as cluttered as your closet…it may not seem as out of control as those file cabinets in your basement. But most of us have computers that are stuffed with useless files, old emails and who knows what else. Tuesday, February 12 is National Clean Out Your Com...

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