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  • Flagler County Fair 2016

    Wednesday April 6th   FREE GATE ADMISSIONGates Open at 5 pm6:00 and 8:00 Disc-Connected K-9’s7:00 PM 4H and FFA Goat, Lamb and Steer ShowThursday April 7th   GATE ADMISSION $5.00 PER PERSON (children 10 and under free)Gates Open at 5 pm6:00 pm Flag Pole Dedication6:00 ...

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  • Flagler County Fair and Youth Show 2015

    Schedule:Wednesday April 1st, 2015:Student Night $15.00 ride band with coupon, $20.00 without couponFree Gate Admission – Gates open at 5 pm Close at 114H and FFA Goat and Steer Show begins 7:00 p.m.Disc-connected K-9’s 6:00 and 8:00Thursday April 2nd, 2015:$20.00 Ride B...

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  • Flagler County Fair 2013

    Schedule of Events:April 3, 2013:"Student Night” Free Gate Admission5:00pm: Gate Opens 6:00pm: Native Skeeter on Stage $15.00 ride bands with coupon (students only) $20.00 with no couponApril 4, 2013:5:00pm: Gates Open 6:00pm: Porch Dogs on Stage  $20.00 Ride Band...

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