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March 12, 2013 Health and Fitness

Mayan prophecy coming true in recent new testament revelation

Truth can shatter your world, world meaning human civilization, history or the human experience. The truth can cause your world to come to an end; it has the ability to cut apart the fabric of lies interwoven within it.  If you follow truth it can bring pain but at the end it can help to heal the wounds of deception and betrayal. The findings highlighted in the riveting eye opening documentary Caesar’s Messiah has the capability of bringing over 33% of humanities world to a crashing halt.  Did the Mayan prophecies come true after all, could this information be the end of the world for some?

It is two and a half months since many people anxiously anticipated the end of the world. As we approached 2012 the media, internet and prophecy watchers fervently mulled over writings, videos and artifacts to understand what was to come. The countdown days of December 2012 promoted the minds of many to ponder the outcome of our world as we know it.  

Some say the Mayans were not giving literal prophecies for the physical earth. If not literal then what was it? This “end time” warning was to represent a shift in consciousness, it was not meant to be the annihilation of all of humanity in one swift blow but a change in our Spiritual awakening. For the last 2500 years humanity at large has been in a lulled sleep state, December 21 marked the end of that age of darkness. The door to conscious elevation has opened we all have an opportunity to enter into the age of spiritual enlightenment.  In this time we shall know the truth and it shall set us free.

This documentary helped to connect the dots that have stuck out to me over the years. My countless lingering questions and theories of foul play have been explained in a logical and systematic way and in layman’s terms for all to understand. I implore you, your family; your friends and anyone who desires to allow some light to be shed on a 2000 year old cold case mystery to view this film Caesar’s Messiah (The Roman conspiracy to invent Jesus). Just released in Fall of 2012 this film gives a whole new perspective on uncovering the true origins of Christianity.

Who really started it?

What was their motive?

Was it divinely inspired or humanly concocted?

Who is the historical son of God?

If you are a truth seeker you won’t regret, if you are a religious minded you might contest it but one thing is certain after viewing it you won’t forget it. If nothing else let’s talk about it and explore the possibilities of truth.

CLICK TO PREVIEW MOVIE The Caeser’s Messiah ( The Roman Conspiracy to invent Jesus)

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Running Time: 84 min.
  • Director: Fritz Heede
  • Cast: Robert Eisenman, Timothy Freke, Acharya S, Joseph Atwil, Ken Humphreys
  • Writers: Nijole Sparkis & Joseph Atwill

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