Fruitland ID Zip Code Lookup and List

Below is a list of Fruitland ID zip codes. For your research we have also included Fruitland Area Code, Time Zone, UTC and the local Payette County FIPS Code. Each Fruitland Idaho zip code has a center Longitude / Latitude point (the Fruitland center is -116.91200256347656 / 43.99620056152344). For your convenience we have also indicated if that zip code in Fruitland observes Daylight Savings time.

Zip Code Area Code Latitude Longitude Time Zone UTC Daylight Savings State FIPS Code County FIPS Code MSA Code City County State
83619 208 43.995655 -116.909525 Mountain -7 Y 16 16075 0000 Fruitland Payette ID
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