Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Weiser, ID

Hiking Trail locations around Weiser ID. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 1

    Mesa Falls Scenic Byway

    A 28-mile paved road through a forest near Yellowstone National Park with views of waterfalls and...
  2. 2

    Saint Joe River

    The section of the St. Joe from the town of Avery to the headwaters is designated a Wild and Scenic...
  3. 3

    Grand Sawtooths Loop

    The Sawtooth Mountains contain some of Idaho's most beautiful scenery. Although the famous views...
  4. 4

    Green Monarch Ridge

    Clark Fork
    This undulating ridge hike leads to a breathtaking view down an almost vertical cliff 3,000 feet...
  5. 5

    Gibson Mountain Loop

    Good views of the city of Pocatello, the Pocatello Range, and the Portneuf Range beyond.
  6. 6

    Fourth of July Creek to Born Lakes

    Stunning views of the White Cloud Peaks; numerous subalpine lakes. This is a busy hike, especially...
  7. 7

    Boulder - Louie Lakes Loop

    A very pretty lake loop in scenic granite mountains. This is a popular area with routes to two...
  8. 8

    City Creek - Beginner Loop

    Enjoyable ride on the edge of Pocatello. Located near Pocatello. Tread: 1.8 miles of singletrack,...
  9. 9

    City Creek - Outlaw Springs Loop

    Great loop ride linking City Creek and Trail Creek on the edge of Pocatello. Tread: 3.6 miles of...
  10. 10

    Harrison Lake

    One of the most ruggedly beautiful alpine lakes in the Selkirk Mountains, Harrison Lake, at the...

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