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Animals, Pets and Critters

Geneva Animals, Pets and Critters Questions

Curious about Geneva wildlife? Got a question about the municipal policy on vaccines and dog licenses? Not sure what to do about the raccoon who lives in your trash?
  1. How do I get a dog license in Geneva?

  2. What are the local requirements for rabies shots?

  3. Who administers rabies shots in the Geneva area?

  4. Why might my dog be impounded?

  5. Is there a Geneva dog pound or another location where seized animals are taken?

  6. Can I be penalized for noise complaints because of my pet?

  7. Are there any dog schools or obedience schools nearby?

  8. Are there any dog parks in or near to Geneva?

  9. Do I need a cat license?

  10. Is there a Geneva animal shelter or other pet adoption program?

  11. Is it illegal to keep any animals as pets in Geneva?

  12. Where can I find an animal hospital or veterinary clinic?

  13. Are there any poisonous or dangerous animals I should be aware of?

  14. Are there any zoos, petting zoos or ranches in the Geneva area?

  15. What’s the rule on loose dogs in Geneva?

  16. Where can I take my pet in an emergency?