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Geneva Children

Looking for after school programs and activities for your children? Having trouble choosing a reputable Geneva day care? Want to sign your children up for summer camp or find some fun activities in Geneva for kids?
  1. What day care options are there in the Geneva area?

    There are several options for Child Care in the Geneva... Read more
  2. What sports programs can my child take part in?

    The Geneva Park District offers an extensive array of... Read more
  3. Are there any summer camps for kids in Geneva?

    The Geneva Park District offers several options for Summer... Read more
  4. Where can kids go swimming?

    In Geneva, the most popular place to go swimming is at... Read more
  5. Does Illinois offer an official child care or day care resource?

  6. Is there a youth center?

  7. Are there youth programs in music?

  8. How do I enroll my child in a scout troop?

  9. What kind of counseling or social services are available for troubled youths?