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Geneva Sports, Nature & Recreation

Are you a weekend warrior in need of companions? Looking for the right place to get some exercise in the Geneva area? Want to find a park or playground where your kids can play?
  1. Are there bike paths or trails around?

    Indeed, there are several choices.  The Fox River... Read more
  2. Are there any good places to go hiking around Geneva?

    The best choices for hiking are along the many trails that... Read more
  3. Is there a beach, lake, river or waterfront where I can lay out in the sun?

    The Fox River runs through Geneva and the best place to be... Read more
  4. Where can I go fishing in or near Geneva?

    In Geneva, the obvious choice is to go to the Fox... Read more
  5. Where can I take a firearms safety course?

    Gander Mountain in Geneva, located at Randall Road and... Read more
  6. Are there public golf courses?

    There are several public golf courses available in... Read more
  7. What parks are there in Geneva or in the neighboring areas?

  8. Is there a boating club?

  9. Where is the nearest hiking location?

  10. Can I join a hiking club?

  11. Are there any outdoor swimming holes or indoor pools?

  12. When does fishing season begin?

  13. Do I need a fishing license?

  14. Where can I get a fishing license?

  15. What kind of hunting is allowed in Geneva and the broader Geneva region?

  16. How do I get a hunting license?

  17. When is hunting season?

  18. Where can I take a firearms safety course?

  19. What other recreational facilities or opportunities should I know about?