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Mr. Blotto

  • Date: October 6, 2017
  • Time: 9:00pm
  • Address:
    1000 N Rohlwing Rd
    Lombard, IL 60148

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Mr. Blotto on 10/6/2017 at 9:00pm at Brauerhouse

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Mr. Blotto came together in the early 90s. The guys knew each other from other bands and decided to get together on their off nights to play whatever they felt like playing with no real plan for world domination.

Taking advantage of Chicagos rich Open Mic Night scene, Mr. Blotto played about a Million 3-songs short sets. The managers of many of the bars asked them to come back and open for their weekend bands. After a run of these, a series of bootleg tapes gained a surprising measure of popularity and Mr.Blotto went into the studio to record Parking Karma. The band was not yet a year old.

After the release of Parking Karma, Mike, the only one who had a day job, quit it. They moved into a house which was quickly christened Chateau Blotto. It soon became somewhat legendary in the late night/after hours musician party scene. Sunday mornings began to resemble the aftermath of an altercation in a Guitar store.

Around this time, David B-3 Allen joined. He brought to the band his formidable skill on the Piano, Synths, & Hammond B-3. In addition, he supplied another singing voice and a somewhat insane improvisational wit.

Next came Bad Hair Day. This CD propelled Mr. Blotto to the top of the regional scene. The band went from one-nighters in bars to playing theaters on consecutive nights without repeating a song. 1997 brought a Radio Show (the Snappin Apple Sing-Along). This was an hour-long weekly syndicated broadcast featuring live Mr. Blotto soundboard DATs. The show ended when the lead station was gobbled up by a huge rhinoceros of a multinational conglomerate who knew not the Blott.

1998 saw a third CD, Ancient Face; 1999 brought Mark Hague. As lead guitarist, he quickly jelled with the boys and helped pen the next generation of Mr. Blotto tunes. Paul, Mark & Mike started meeting every Monday to work on new original ideas. In these sessions, any idea would be chased down and put to tape. These songs became Cabbages and Kings, the 4th CD which WXRT called the bands best release yet.

Around this time, the band addressed the constant demand for a Live Record. Mr. Blotto had been, from its inception, an improvisational band and had always allowed people to record the shows. They went so far as to build a Taper Plug In Patch Bay into the soundboard so that tapers would get a high quality audio feed. As a result, clean Mr. Blotto boots began to cross the country, often in advance of the band.

Seeing as not everyone had a portable CD burner or DAT, Mr. Blotto began issuing Live Shows and Compilations. The Bootleg Series is a single CD of songs handpicked by the band for their unique characteristics, where the Just Did It series is made up of double disc sets from one particular show or run of shows.

In 2005, Paul, Mark, Mike, Tony and Dave started in on a new album that was finished spring 2006. With help of the legendary Grateful Dead lyrycist, John Barlow, Mr. Blotto looks to release "Barlow Shanghai" in June of this year. Keep an eye on the website and email list for news as we find it out more about this exciting summer with Mr. Blotto!

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