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Battalion of Saints and The Nobodys

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Artists scheduled to appear on 9/24/2017 at 8:00pm at The Southgate House Revival - Sanctuary:
  • Battalion of Saints
  • The Nobodys

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Let's face it. There are a lot of nobodys in the music scene today. But there is only one NOBODYS! Mixing four-chord Ramones-inspired rock anthems with an unadulterated pornography fixation, the Nobodys have sprung forth from the fertile grounds of Colorado Springs to become the reigning Ron Jeremys of the punk rock world! ALL HAIL THE NEW HEDGEHOGS OF ROCK!!! It all began with their 1996 debut album on Hopeless, "Short Songs for Short Attention Spans." Produced by Joe Queer of The Queers, the record, full of two- minute gems, had fans getting it up from coast to coast as the band brought their live show across the country and around the world, touring the US, Europe and Canada several times over. Of course, this only made fans wet for more, so the Nobodys came again with their 1997 tour de force, "Smell of Victory" (produced by Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals). Appearances on the "Hopelessly Devoted to You II" (over 125,000 sold) and "Cinema Beer Nuts" (over 75,000 sold) compilations as well as tours with The Queers, Chixdiggit and Guttermouth won over even more converts. By now, collectors were going crazy trying to snatch up all the Nobodys material they could, so the band made it easy by compiling their numerous 7", compilation and demo songs onto one CD, appropriately titled "Greatasstits." (The cover, a close up on the enormous chest of renowned porn star Taylor Wayne, is as unforgettable as the music.) Soon to follow was the inevitable Generation XXX, produced by Donnell Cameron (Bad Religion, Rocket from the Crypt, NOFX) with twenty-five tracks of, what some would call ...sloppy, loud, perverted, snotty, annoying and not to mention overbearing punk rock from Colorado springs... Yeah, that's about right. And now the next installment in the Nobodys collection has risen. Less Hits, More Tits will take every listener into the world of porn obsessed guys singing about the things they like the most: making out and porno. Undoubtedly, this release is the money shot that all this talk has been building up to. So be a somebody, and check out Less Hits, More Tits ...quite entertaining in a sophomoric, hand-your-dong-to-the-prom-queen-disguised-as-a-hot-dog sort of way, and these guys certainly know how to rock... - Brad Jones, Westword An unholy assimilation of the Ramones, Dwarves, Angry Samoans and their pals the Queers. - Suburban Voice if you can handle the bluntness with which these guys deliver their message, and check your political correctness at the door, you just might find yourself having a toe-tapping, finger-snapping,

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