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March 14, 2011 Sports and Recreation

Spring Arrives Sunday and that rings the dinner bell for hungry deer ticks

From: The West Island Weather Station
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WEST ISLAND -. Although they are still about year-round, Spring, Summer and Fall are the most active for ticks. As most New England towns boast of their history and benefactors, the Town of Lyme CT gets the negative credit for the origination of “Lyme” Disease, a hideous, elusive tick borne illness that is difficult to diagnose and extremely complicated to treat. From flu-like symptoms to insomnia, the effects vary from patient to patient. In rare cases, this bacteria based infection can result in death. I’ve heard of patients going from doctor to doctor; one for 8 years before being properly diagnosed with the illness. 
It’s a matter of being cognizant when going for that walk in the trail, especially if you bring your pets. The opportunistic deer tick (and regular ticks) patiently await for it’s host in tall grass and leaves, which is one of their favorite sites. I would hazard a guess that those who have pets or live in wooded areas are more alert for ticks than those in dense urban areas. You can reside in the “big-city” and still get bitten by a deer tick. 
When venturing out in the trails or doing yard work, a simple bug-insect repellant and proper clothing is an excellent deterrent. Faithfully check your animals at least twice a day. A young deer tick is only the size of a sesame seed.

Enter link more info: Ticks and Lyme Disease (Note: M.L.Baron’s father came down with Lyme Disease from a tick bite while doing yard work in 2006. This otherwise healthy man eventually couldn’t walk and was suffering from pain night and day. After several doctor visits over a period of months, he was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and was successfully treated at The Lahey Clinic of Burlington, MA. Today in his early 80's, he leads a healthy life, rides his bike and walks his dog everyday.)

The West Island State Reservation has a tick advisory posted by the Fairhaven Board of Health, including all other wooded areas.  

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