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  • AmericanTown's Heroes: Random Acts of Kindess Offer Warmth

    Remember when you were young and you had to wear a hat, gloves and a scarf before you could leave the house to go play in the snow? Your Mom or Dad was smart to make you bundle up. Wearing hats, gloves and scarves protect some of our most vulnerable areas and help keep the b...

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  • SEMPER K9 Helps Veterans and Shelter Animals

    From Shelter to Service is the tagline of SEMPER K9—an organization that makes assistance dogs available to veterans. Their mission is “to enhance the quality of life for wounded, critically-ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families” and they ...

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  • Pumpkin Patch Fair 2016

    From: Pumpkin Patch Fair

    Pumpkin Patch Food and Craft FairFriday's events starts with a complete fried chicken dinner (cost is $8.50 adults, $7.50 seniors and $4 for children under 9) both days will feature local crafters, as well as baked goods, and a Candyland Auction.Saturday begins with a contin...

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  • Earth Talk: The great environmental visionaries of our day

    Dear EarthTalk: The environmental movement was built on the philosophies of people like Henry David Thoreau, Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson. But who are the great environmental visionaries of our own day and age?  -- B.E. Thoreau, best known for his book ...

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  • Earth Talk: Is alternative energy still the next big thing?

    Dear EarthTalk: Is alternative energy still the next big thing for American venture capitalists? -- J.M. A decade ago, in the wake of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and rising gas/oil prices, many of the same venture capitalists (VCs) who had made for...

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  • Hot Bread Kitchen Trains Artisan Bakers

    Hot Bread Kitchen is an incubator, which may seem like a play on words. To put it into simpler terms, they help turn dough into an opportunity that can lead to a career that will pay the bills. The organization is training women from all over the world to become bread ba...

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  • Earth Talk: Food Waste and Composting

    Dear EarthTalk: I’d like to get into turning my food waste into compost for my garden, but I don’t want a stinky pile of table scraps lingering in a pail in my kitchen or backyard. Are there any new high-tech ways to expedite the process? -- B.A. Comp...

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  • Earth Talk: What new in eco-friendly light bulbs?

    Dear EarthTalk: What new in eco-friendly light bulbs? Is it true that incandescent bulbs are back in a much more efficient form? -- B.B. The consumer landscape for light bulbs in the U.S. changed drastically in 2007 when Congress passed the Energy Independenc...

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  • AmericanTown's Heroes: DoSomething.org Helps Kids Get Involved

    Don’t just sit there. Do Something! Does that sound familiar? Maybe something your Mom or Dad said when you were spending too much time in the house or in front of the television on a nice day? DoSomething.org is a unique nonprofit organization that seeks to harness the en...

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  • AmericanTown's Heroes: Parrots for Patriots Helps Veterans

    Polly want a cracker? How about Polly want a loving home with a veteran? Parrots for Patriots is an organization that works with the Department of Veterans Affairs to match veterans with parrots and other birds up for adoption. A parrot can be a wonderful companion. They do ...

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