Sky View Middle School

Address: 500 Kennedy Way
Leominster, MA 01453
Phone: 978-534-7780
Fax: 978-840-8600

Sky View Middle School provides developmentally appropriate academic, social, and individual opportunities for excellence. Our school is safe and fosters an environment of mutual respect. Our school culture encourages a strong sense of family, citizenship, and high academic standards.

School Goals

The following goals were developed by the staff and administration. These preliminary goals will be expanded upon by the School Council as a part of the School Plan.

● To create a comprehensive discipline plan.

● To create a student recognition plan.

● To provide professional development for staff to build a common understanding of the unique academic and social needs of early adolescence.

● To make community and family connections.

Goal #1:

Reading will be emphasized across the curriculum, and staff will focus on instructional strategies, word meaning enrichment, and comprehension. To do that, we will increase time on professional development and differentiate instruction. We will implement a scientific-researched reading program in grade five this fall.

Goal #2:

We will improve communication between school, parents, and the community.

Goal #3:

Math will be emphasized by using math vocabulary across the curriculum, reinforcing math skills throughout the school year, and assessing student progress using a variety of math authentic assessment practices. Data will be analyzed throughout the year, and our plan will be adjusted and updated as needed. A strong professional development program will be offered to teachers.

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