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Is there a health department in Scituate?


Board of Health 781-545-8725

Department Staff

Director of Public Health: Jennifer L. Sullivan, BA, M.S.E.H., RS, C.H.O.

Secretary: Pam Mullin

Public Health Nurse (part time): Eileen F. Scotti, R.N.

The Board of Health is empowered by the Town of Scituate Charter and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws to review and take direct action on any issues of public health.

The three members of the Board are appointed by the Selectmen to serve multiple terms of up to three years per term.

The Board of Health meets approximately every two weeks on Mondays to review information on:

  • Public Health Programs
  • Various Types of Applications
  • Issues of Non-Compliance
  • Plans for the development of public and private property in the Town

The Board generally proceeds to a final action on any information presented at the conclusion of each review process.

Preparation of information or applications to be presented to the Board will be preliminarily reviewed by the Director.

Schedule of public hearings is arranged through the Director or Secretary.

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