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Titus Andronicus

  • Date: March 14, 2018
  • Time: 8:00pm
  • Venue:
    4114 W. Vernor Hwy
    Detroit, MI 48209
Titus Andronicus on 3/14/2018 at 8:00pm at El Club

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Titus Andronicus is a rock and roll band from Glen Rock. In the beginning, there were only three people in the band. At one point, there were eleven people in the band. Today, there are five people in the band. Titus Andronicus take their name from a minor Shakespearean tragedy, not, as many people believe, from some sort of killer robot from the future. Titus Andronicus formed in the spring of 2005. Titus Andronicus' debut long player, "The Airing of Grievances" was released in April of 2008 by Troubleman Unlimited. Titus Andronicus have shared stages with such noted, world-famous luminaries as Matt and Kim, Holy Fuck, Foals, Dr. Dog, Cloud Cult, and Call Me Lightning. Titus Andronicus practice at Ian's house. Titus Andronicus sometimes disagree on what is the right thing to do. Titus Andronicus like to scream and carry on at excessive volume. Titus Andronicus like songs which are fast more than songs which are slow. Titus Andronicus think slow songs are okay sometimes. Titus Andronicus never sing about love, only hate. Titus Andronicus have no hope for the future. Titus Andronicus believe only in nothingness. Everyone in Titus Andronicus was born to die. Titus Andronicus crave your approval but will settle for your utter disdain.

"These New Jersey guys make music that makes me happy. And before too long, all the world shall know their joy. There are all sorts of things going on in a Titus Andronicus song besides indie rock riffs; horns, harmonicas, vocal distortion, a cappella refrains, and joyful shoe stomps to name but a few. And the end result is just so damn delightful, it's enough to soften even the shells of die-hard "Spiderland" fans."

"They hit every mark, nailing noise and debris against shake-and-sing anthems. That's Titus Andronicus' ploy-- aggressing and endearing audiences as a completely ramshackle crew of Jersey drunks, while somehow triumphing through perfectly clangorous pop songs. If this band can convince itself not to fall apart at the well-lubed, beer-soaked seams, watch out. " -

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