Metro Theater Company

Address: 3311 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63103
Phone: 314-932-7414


Inspired by the intelligence and emotional wisdom of young people, we create professional theater, foster inclusive community, and nurture meaningful learning through the arts.


Metro Theater Company envisions a strong, vibrant and diverse St. Louis where every person is valued and respected, and where all young people are empowered to reach their full human potential without barriers.


-Because we respect the intelligence and emotional wisdom of young people, we produce theater that touches the heart, delights the senses, and stimulates the mind.

-Because we believe young people deserve the finest art we can create for them, we honor and support the professional artists who do the work of our mission.

-Because we appreciate how the arts celebrate our differences and cultivate common ground, we create a welcoming environment for all people in all our work.

-Because we embrace creative risk-taking, we are committed to the development and production of new plays.

-Because we understand that learning through the arts inspires joy, opens doors to self-discovery, and builds bridges to lifelong learning, we design and teach educational programs for young people and adults.

-Because we believe all young people deserve access to the arts, we take our programs to diverse settings throughout the St. Louis region.

-Because we choose to remain focused on our mission and purpose, we forge partnerships with schools, organizations, and institutions to serve our community effectively.

-Because we know the arts are irreplaceable avenues for expressing and experiencing the full measure of what it is to be human, we advocate for the arts in all our lives.

Recent News

  • Performance - Unsorted

    Clothes are the characters in a playful world where everyone must be sorted, according to the bully-boss known as ‘Jacket.’ Separate and divided? No way! These mixety characters want to hang out with each other. Distinctly separate categories make no more sense to the cl...

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  • The Giver

    By Eric CobleBased on the book The Giver by Lois LowryDirected by Carol NorthMetro Theater Company and Edison Theatre partner once again to bring St. Louis audiences a powerful theater experience that illuminates American literature and sets the stage for courageous communit...

    More Info
  • Moby

    World Premiere of a New Play    Commissioned from St. Louis Writer Patricia Corrigan Music composed by Greg Bolin Directed by Emily Petkewich Metro Theater Company takes audiences on a deep dive into the mysteries of the sea in this exciting ne...

    More Info
  • To Kill A Mockingbird

    The American classic tells the story of growing up in a small Alabama town in 1935 as the trial of a black man turns a community on its ear. For 9-year old Scout and her older brother Jem, the trial reveals important lessons in courage and integrity as they watch their fathe...

    More Info

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