Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Nome, ND

Hiking Trail locations around Nome ND. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 1

    White Butte - North Dakota

    Highpoint rank by height: 30th. Try to time part of your trip to this area to be at sunrise or...
  2. 2

    Turtle River State Park

    Located about 20 miles west of Grand Forks in Grand Forks County. Turtle River State Park is a...
  3. 3

    Bismarck Riverfront Trail System

    Along the Missouri River in the city of Bismarck there is a paved, five-mile multiple-use pathway...
  4. 4

    North Country Trail Segment / Sheyenne National Grassland

    Located about 45 miles southwest of Fargo, or 20 miles east of Lisbon in Ransom and Richland...
  5. 5

    Roughrider Off-Road-Vehicle Area / Garrison Dam

    NOTE: THIS TRAIL IS NO LONGER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Located one mile south of the town of Riverdale...

Hiking Trails in North Dakota