Newest Car Wash Company in Sarasota and Manatee Counties to Deliver NASCAR Pit Stop Results

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July 17, 2017

How about having your vehicle fully washed and detailed to perfection by a car wash company that promises to deliver NASCAR pit stop results? That spells
efficiency, accuracy, and speed – qualities that all vehicle owners in Manatee and Sarasota counties definitely search for.

And this is exactly what DetailXPerts of Sarasota-Manatee County, the best news in the area this year, promises to provide its customers. Topnotch detailing using superior quality products, efficient customer service, and more! Now pet hair, sand, tree sap, and other cleanliness issues will no longer be a bane for vehicle owners in the area.

No Simple Car Wash Company

Why is DetailXPerts the best news in the area this year? To start with, it’s no simple car wash company. It’s a unique detailing philosophy. It’s not your typical neighborhood service that would use tons of water and harmful chemicals that will ultimately shorten your vehicle paint’s life. It’s
an unforgettable experience for you and your beloved possession. It’s the steam auto spa coming at your door, at your convenient time.

DetailXPerts is the world’s first environment-friendly vehicle wash and detailing franchise to use the ecological power of steam to clean all types of cars, jeeps, SUVs, pick-ups, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs, boats and so on, thus saving water and preserving nature while delivering incredibly superb results to clients. Their unparalleled services are now available in Sarasota and Manatee counties thanks to their latest franchise DetailXPerts of Sarasota-Manatee County and this piece of exciting news has already stirred much attention in the area. Clients and witnesses of the process are truly impressed to learn that the company’s patent-pending method not only brings their vehicle to a like-new look, but also sanitizes and disinfects it, removing about 99% of bacteria
and sickening microorganisms, leaving it fresh-smelling and healthy for both driver and passengers.

Plus, they are fully mobile and can come to your place of living or work and service your vehicle at your most convenient time.

Meet Bo Mortensen, DetailXPerts of Sarasota-Manatee County’s Owner Bo Mortensen’s entire life was dedicated to managing meat plants or selling equipment to the food manufacturing industry. He was responsible for developing, improving and executing systems. So, he is fully aware of the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. Failure to observe excellent hygienic standards can affect food taste and quality; cause spoilage; become carriers of food-borne diseases;
and ultimately, lead to huge losses.

Similarly, improper cleaning of a vehicle can shorten its life, damage its appearance, and worst, affect the health and well-being of the driver and his passengers.

“I like the eco-friendly aspect, the water conservation aspect. We have not seen rain since November so it’s very dry down here. And we’ve got water restrictions, wild fires, so I’m all about anything that’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning method was very interesting to me, again coming out of the food industry and sanitation and cleanliness are very important. And I really enjoy the ability of speed to get the job done. I think it’s a great technology and I think it does a great job. It’s not only a great concept. It’s also a great experience for the customers.

You know, we leave their driveway and you can’t see that we were there, no drop of water spots or anything. I totally enjoy that aspect. It’s kind of like magic!”, he says. As a former operations manager, he understands the significance of being in a business where there was no clear dominant leader on a national plan. When he decided to start his own business he knew he wanted one that went back to the same customers over and over again, so he can build relationships with them. And he favored the idea of a scalable business that could be operated from virtually anywhere. DetailXPerts met all of his requirements.