State Representative Bill Hager District 89 News - May 12, 2017

Government and Politics

May 15, 2017

The Florida Legislature agreed on an $82.4 Billion dollar budget that is not only balanced but puts a substantial amount towards reserves in case of a rainy day. In Florida, we are continuing to invest in our environment with $213 million going towards Everglades' restoration and $63.3 million going towards beach projects and restoration, which is particularly important to our local communities. We increased funding for transportation and infrastructure that will allow our state to remain competitive and accessible. We also provided more funding for vocational training to make sure our state continues to produce the best workforce in the country. This budget continues to support to our most vulnerable by increasing funds to programs such as those that assist the blind and provide after school lunches. Also, especially pertinent to Palm Beach County, we more than doubled the support we provide to substance abuse and mental health programs. This funding paired with the passage of our comprehensive sober home legislation and Governor Scott's declaration of an opioid crisis should work to help our hurting community.

Tax Relief

I am pleased that through smart budgeting, we were again able to provide tax relief to the tune of $180 million dollars for our hard working residents. Relief includes a back to school tax holiday, cutting the business rent tax and a disaster preparedness sales tax holiday before hurricane season to stock up on important products.

Local Budget Highlights

$654,491: Security Funding for Jewish Day Schools

$100,000: Florida Association of Recovery Residences for Sober Home Certification

$500,000: Opioid Abuse Pilot Program for Palm Beach County

$300,000: Additional dollars for our State Attorney for Substance Abuse treatment industry

violations, related to the substance of the Sober Home legislation we passed

$92,946: Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program in Palm Beach County

$1,000,000: Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative

$3,000,000: Lake Worth Park of Commerce

$1,200,000: Florida Atlantic University's Tech Runway