Swamp Trash Band Audition - June 24, 2017

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June 9, 2017

Swamp Trash Band USA is holding an audition for their new music video!

Calling all dancers and/or choreographers to create an original dance for their new single "Soul Shakin'". 
Visit SwampTrashBand.com (http://swamptrashband.com) to register, hear the song, read the lyrics and create the dance. 
Auditions will be held on Saturday 6.24.17, 4-7pm at OddBox Studios, 526-1 Wolfe St, Fredericksburg, VA. 
One lucky contestant will be chosen as the inventor of the "Soul Shakin' Dance". 
All contestants will be included in Swamp Trash Band's music video. Open to all ages and sexes.

SwampTrashBand.com (http://swamptrashband.com