Stellar Theatre Group, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 104
Manchester Township, NJ 08759
Phone: 201 675-4633

Our Mission Statement

To enhance understanding of ourselves and others through the experience of live performance. To create and provide a platform for individuals to practice their art and expand their talent, while bringing an enjoyable theatrical experience to our community.

The STG team supports and encourages each person to reach their personal goals within the performing arts venue. It is our belief that exceptional community theatre is the result of a hardworking, talented and close knit performing family.

The Stellar team has two important components. On the business side, we have the Board of Directors who has the credentials, dedication and vision to accomplish the STG purpose. While on the artistic side we have acquired talented personnel who possess the training, discipline and desire required to be successful.

Recent News

  • Santa Goes South by Tyler Bradley

    A modern musical holiday satire for allIs there a real Santa Claus?  What do you think Santa looks like?  How should Santa act?  Hard times are hitting everyone including Santa himself.  He must downsize and go where labor is cheap and maybe able to recei...

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