Address: PO BOX 412
Whitesboro, NJ 08252
Contact: Bernie Blanks
Phone: 609-425-1578

Dedicated To The Youth and The Residents of Whitesboro and Cape May County

CONCERNED CITIZENS OF WHITESBORO, INC. is a non-profit community-building initiative dedicated to the social and economic development of the residents of Whitesboro, New Jersey and the surounding area. 

Conceived as an enduring grassroots organization in 1988, CONCERNED CITIZENS OF WHITESBORO, INC. is committed to building a strong, vibrant community through local organization, leadership and program development.  Executive Director-Stedman Graham, President-Bernie Blanks, Vice-President-Robert Matthews, Jr., Secretary-Shirley "Becki" Wilson, Treasurer-Ruth Harper, and Program Administrator-Cheryl Spaulding.  For more info contact (609) 425-3937. 

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