Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Bronx, NY

Hiking Trail locations around Bronx NY. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 2

    Palisades Interstate Park: Palisades Boulder Field Trail

    This awesome hike begins from the highest point of the New Jersey Palisades and steeply descends...
  2. 3

    Great Swamp Wilderness Trail

    Basking Ridge
    History records that, in 1708, what is now the Great Swamp and much of the land around it was...
  3. 4

    Appalachian Trail: Sunfish Pond & Mount Mohican

    Sunfish Pond is one of the most popular hiking destinations in New Jersey, with good reason. The...
  4. 5

    Palisades Interstate Park and the Long Path, NJ

    This 7- or 17-mile hiking route takes you across the George Washington Bridge, north atop the...
  5. 6

    Palisades: Englewood Loop Trail

    Englewood Cliffs
    This hike rambles on beach, rocks, and boulders, past short rises and old docks, under trees, and...
  6. 7

    Mount Tammany

    The Kittatinny Ridge (meaning “Endless Mountain” in the Lenape Native American language) comes to...
  7. 8

    Racoon Ridge and Appalachian Trail

    Every autumn, New Jersey plays host to the raptor migration, one of nature's most mysterious and...
  8. 9

    The Torne/Osio Rock

    This moderately easy hike takes you through a cleft in the Ramapo Mountains filled with interesting...
  9. 10

    The Great Swamp

    Visit the former 18,000-year-old glacial Lake Passaic, now called the Great Swamp. It doesn't take...

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