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Ithaca Organizations

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  • City of Ithaca

    Mission To act as the City's Ombudsman, connecting the citizens with the information and services they desire. To assist, by advice and action, the conduct of public affairs efficiently, effectively, and with a caring attitude. To protect the City's history and daily oper...

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  • Coordinated Transportation Plan Committee

    This is a group of thirty municipal agencies, non-profit organizations, transportation providers and individuals who are interested in coordinating community transportation services in Tompkins County. The committee functions under the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation C...

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  • Ecovillage At Ithaca

    The green fields and woods of EcoVillage cover clay and fossils left by an inland sea millions of years ago, rock and gravel remaining from a 1-2 mile thick glacier thousands of years ago, and soil disturbed and depleted by many decades of farming in the 1900's. Now it conta...

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  • Tompkins County Government
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  • Town Of Ithaca
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  • Village Of Lansing


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