Lit Lounge

Address: 93 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-777-7987
Website: Lit Lounge

Lit Lounge is a place for painters, musicians, writers, and performers whose visions are not accepted by the mainstream to hang out and build a community.

A partnership of New York artist and musicians have banded together to take back the night for the NYC cultural community by opening a music venue LIT and art gallery FUSE in New York City's East Village.

Lit Lounge is a two level immersive experience featuring a spacious two thousand square foot lounge and bar that is unique to the creative vision of the artists who designed it.

Below, in a fifteen hundred square foot basement, the focus is on music and features an alternating roster of local, national, and international bands and DJs dedicated to an eclectic and experimental mix of styles.

Named, designed, and destined for Downtown's creative cognoscenti, Lit was conceived as an environment by and for everyone who does not fit in to the current all-American quality of life agenda.

Promoting de-gentrification and un-sterilized anti-chic, with comfort and class, Lit is about drinking and socializing with like-minded individuals.

With a highly aesthetic yet unpretentious decor that is rich with urban textures, Lit's design is based upon the pre-existing stone arch and brickwork architecture of its original tenement status, highlighted by rusted steel and suffused with dark candle-lit ambiance.

Staffed by a veteran crew of seasoned professionals, Lit is the destination where everyone who works in the service industry comes to get serviced.

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