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July 24, 2015 Arts and Entertainment

Moravian Cemetery's Burial Records.

From: Moravian Cemetery: A Who's Who in Staten Island History.

Moravian Cemetery's Burial Records for People Researching Genealogy.


We are now accepting requests for the following records:


Death and Burial Records 1758-1828


Birth and Baptism Records 1749-1883


Marriage Records 1764-1863


Cemetery Records 1867 - Present 

We now have books which contain records for the above categories. These records were kept as early as 1749 by the Pastor(s) of the New Dorp Moravian Church who was requested by families living in Staten Island to preside over baptisms, weddings and burials.


We can now share our records with you. Our records include:


Death and Burial Records 1758 -1828. These records include the deceased’s name, date of death, and their age in years, months and days. Some records list the parents and/or spouses name, occupation, place of death, and cause of death.

The burial places not only include Moravian Cemetery but include other cemeteries as well. What is referred to as Richmond Town Cemetery or Richmond Cemetery, is St. Andrew’s Cemetery at Richmond Town; the North Shore Cemetery, is the Dutch Reformed Church & Cemetery in Port Richmond; and the Bergen Point Cemetery in New Jersey. There were also burials in homestead graveyards (or family cemeteries) such as the Burbanck family cemetery (or graveyard) which was located on Todt Hill Road near Four Corners Road.

Examples of Death and Burial Records:

. Egbert, Abraham died 2 March 1822 at Blazing Star. Age, 56 y. 11 m. 2 d.

. Bogart, Hannah Maria, daughter of Simon Bogart, died 6 September 1822, of Yellow Fever, buried at Richmond Town.

. Van Pelt, George, married, died 12 May 1832, fell overboard on way from N. York here.

Births and Baptisms Records 1749-1883. These records include the date of Baptism, name of the child being baptized, the parents’ names, and the sponsor’s name(s).

Examples of Baptism Records include: (The spelling of the word baptized is abbreviated Bap.).

. 1798 May 13, Parents: Ruben Seymourson. Child: John. Bap. at parents’ house.

. 1798 Sept 19, Parents: John Dorset, Child: Peter. Sponsors: Edward Beatty; James and Catherine Colon.

. 1802 August 25. Parents: Bininger, merchant of N.Y. Child: Martha. Bap. at Bergen Point, N.J. to which place the parents fled sometime before on account of yellow fever in N.Y. Child died soon after Baptism and was buried at Bergen Point.


Marriage Records 1764 -1863.  The Pastor(s) of the New Dorp Moravian Church performed marriages not only in the New Dorp Moravian Church but also performed marriages in houses, and at other churches. In some cases notes have been included.


Examples of Marriage Records include: (Correct spelling of names wasn’t a priority but we get the idea of who they’re talking about, i.e.: Corshon should read Corson, Ryerrs should read Ryers, Symonson should read Simonson, etc.).

. December 27, 1764. David Burger and Anne Stilwell. In presence of about 30 persons in her mother’s house in Old Town.

. June 22, 1794. John Corshon and Catherine Ryerrs. Married at house on North Side. 

. August 4, 1804. Charles Symonson, single. Mary Vanderbilt, eldest daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt and Phebe Vanderbilt.


Here’s an example of how we tracked Sarah Garritson-Braisted by using our records.

. Births and Baptisms Records: October 11, 1751, Sarah Garritson, aged 3 months, 2 days. Daughter of John and Rebecca Garritson. Baptized at Garritson house, Richmond Road.

. Marriage Records: May 8, 1768, Sarah Garritson, daughter of John and Rebecca Garritson. Married John Braisted of New Dorp, at Garritson house.

. Death and Burial Records: February 3, 1770, Sarah Braisted died of pneumonia 9 days after giving birth to daughter Eleanor. Buried in Burbanck Cemetery.


Search Fees.

. We will search for a name that you provide in three categories. The categories include: 1) Death and Burial Records 1758-1828. 2) Births and Baptisms Records 1749-1883. 3) Marriage Records 1764 to 1863.

. A fee of $10. is required to search one category of your choice. A fee of $20. is required to search two categories of your choice. A fee of $30 is required to search all three categories.

. All entries are recorded in books and listed in chronological order. There are no separate records.

. If a record is found we will copy the record and forward it to you.

. As it takes time to search through record books, if no record is found the search fee is not refundable.



Cemetery Records 1867-Present

Interment Records – An Interment Record will usually include the deceased’s name, age, date of death, cause of death, place of death, location of grave, date of interment, name of person giving order, name of undertaker, arrival time at cemetery, and clergyman. Please note, because of privacy issues, the cause of death will not be listed on records after 1960.

Plot Card - A Plot Card shows who is interred at the site. It also shows the date of interment. It does not show the date of death. The date of death can only be found on an Interment Record.

Diagram Card - A Diagram Card shows the location of graves and who is buried in the grave. Please note, Single Graves do not have a Diagram Card.

Search Fee. There is a fee of $20. per person, required to provide an Interment Record. If applicable you will also receive a Plot Card and Diagram Card.

Photographs of Gravestones – We can supply photographs of gravestones providing one is placed at the gravesite. Inscriptions on gravestones have become an important tool when researching genealogy. A gravestone is purchased by the family from a monument dealer. The cemetery does not sell gravestones nor do they carve inscriptions on stones. A gravestone is a personal choice and not everyone has a stone. There is a fee of $10. per photograph, per gravestone. Photographs will be sent in an attachment in an e-mail. Please note, we do not print out photographs.

Requesting Records – All requests should be made by e-mail ( and include as much information as possible for the person/family you are searching. You will usually receive a reply with in 24 hours.

Payment Instructions – Please contact me as to search fees before sending any monies.


Moravian Cemetery is an active cemetery and does not accept walk-ins.

Thank you, Richard Simpson – Historian and Tour Guide, Moravian Cemetery.

Please send your request by e-mail:

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