Moravian Cemetery: A Who's Who in Staten Island History.

Address: 2205 Richmond Road
Staten Island, NY 10306
Contact: Richard Simpson - Historian and Tour Guide for Moravian Cemetery.

I've been walking through cemeteries since I was a small child when my parents vacationed in my uncle’s log cabin in southern Vermont. Cemeteries have always been very peaceful places to me. As I grew older and developed an interest in history and genealogy, they became invaluable tools of research.


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 people interred in the cemetery.



Richard L. Simpson Presents….

Walking Tours of Moravian Cemetery

There’s no better place to learn about local history than to

take a walk through Moravian Cemetery (founded 1740).


Summer, 2015

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Thanks to you, our visitors, our Spring tours were successful.

We met a lot of new people and we saw a lot of our old friends too.


This summer we’ll provide cemetery records for people who are

researching genealogy for those interred in the cemetery.


Our Moravian Cemetery book is being worked on by the graphic design team

who is placing text and photographs in the book.  


Scroll down to read about our tours. We have four different tours.

We offer public tours, and private tours for families, groups and organizations.

Old Section Tour….Visit the oldest sections of the cemetery where its gravestones date to 1740. Some of the early Dutch, French and English settlers of Staten Island rest here, as well as  families who have towns, street, schools and parks named for them. This section also includes Civil War Hero Gen. Stephen H. Weed and historian William T. Davis. The first mausoleum to be built (1855) in the cemetery stands here: It's actually an underground vault built by one of America's wealthiest families.

Atlantic Avenue Tour….Stroll around this beautiful Victorian section of the cemetery and visit the resting places of photographer Alice Austen, George Wm. Curtis (Curtis High School), Historian/Author Dorothy Valentine Smith, Elmer Dundy (owner of Coney Island’s Luna Park), cigar manufacturer Alvaro Garcia (Garcia & Vega), pencil manufacturer Eberhard Faber, Dr. Nathaniel Lord Britton (Founder, New York Botanical Gardens). We’ll also visit the cenotaph of Civil War Hero Col. Robert Gould Shaw (1989 movie “Glory.”).

Central Avenue Tour….This tour features first Borough President George Cromwell, architect John M. Carrere (Borough Hall, Andrew Carnegie Libraries), Beer brewery founder August Horrmann (R & H Beer), Award winning playwright Paul Zindel, American-Indian historian Alanson Skinner, Maj. Clarence Barrett (Barrett Park) and many other families including Pouch, Braisted, Griffith, Joline, and Sedutto.

Our new tour. Meadow Avenue Tour…A Congressman who spent the last years of his life searching for Capt. Kidd’s buried treasure; A ferry boat captain’s most memorable achievement occurred during the Blizzard of 1888: His worst moment occurred when his boat hit the ferry terminal building; the author of the well-known history book Morris's Memorial History of Staten Island and his wife who headed Staten Island’s Women’s Christian Temperance Union; Elizabeth DeHart Bush who lived at the Mariners Family Asylum home for women; Col. Ferari’s circus performed at Coney Island’s Dreamland. His act featured elephants, tigers and lions; A detective assigned to Manhattan’s financial district arrested pickpockets, purse thieves, and stock swindlers; The first Staten Islander to die in battle during WWI; A man who served in Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders;  Four men who served in the Civil War, including one who served the Confederacy; The inventor of the box kite; A woman who organized Staten Island’s chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution; A man whose shipyard built a racing yacht for Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany; the shipyard employed 9,000 people during WWI.





Breaking News - We're writing a book about Moravian Cemetery. The book will feature biographical information for those resting in the cemetery. Please contact us if you would like to contribute information. We also welcome photographs of people, houses or businesses, and photographs of the cemetery, etc.



Genealogy Inquiries

Do you have ancestors resting at Moravian Cemetery? Our records go back to 1867. To see what information might be found, click on article entitled:
"Researching Your Family? Here's a Good Place to Start."


We also provide:

Photographs of gravestones.

Obituaries (providing one was placed in the local newspaper).

Genealogy Requests

can only be accepted by sending an e-mail. Sorry, we cannot accept walk-ins. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Since I volunteer my time to help people with genealogy, I am at the cemetery office one afternoon each week and your request can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

E-mail contact:



While enjoying the beauty of Moravian Cemetery, please keep in mind that all visitors are expected to act in a dignified manner and to comply with the rules and regulations of the Cemetery.

We like photographs just as much as you. If you're taking photos please stop in the office and tell us what sections of the cemetery you'll be working in.

See you at the cemetery.....Moravian Cemetery.

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