Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Berea, OH

Hiking Trail locations around Berea OH. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 1

    Holmes County Trail

    If traveling through Ohio's Amish country and sharing space with bicycles, buggies and abundant...
  2. 2

    Three Sisters to Sycamore Ridge Loop

    The features of this park explain its popularity: a restored tallgrass prairie, a beechmaple...
  3. 3

    Mount Airy Forest: West Fork Road,Diehl Ridge, and Elm Ravine

    Mount Airy Forest, near downtown Cincinnati, has several amenities and is designated by the U.S....
  4. 4

    Caldwell Park

    Caldwell Park is a great place to take your family hiking. Several beautiful valley overlooks are...
  5. 5

    Blue Hen Falls

    Now I'm a REAL hiker! my five-year old said, soon after we started out on this trail. Great for...
  6. 6

    Little Miami Scenic Trail

    The Little Miami Scenic Trail is a jewel in the crown of Ohio rail-trails. The 72-mile paved path...
  7. 7

    Lamping Homestead Trail

    This 4.0-mile loop trail is one of the most secluded in the state. Begin at the nineteenth-century...
  8. 8

    Nelson's Ledges State Park

    Nelson's Ledges offers what may be the wildest 2-mile walk in the eastern United States. Don't let...
  9. 9

    Grandma Gatewood Trail - Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave

    Begin walking the 5.0 miles from Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave and it won't take long to see why this...
  10. 10

    Fort Hill Earthworks

    North Olmstead
    While the initial climb might make your legs wobble, this hike provides spectacular views of the...

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