Farmers' Markets around Cincinnati OH

Who knew an ear of corn or fresh tomato could improve your health, your community and the environment, all at the same time? Buying local Cincinnati foods is a simple way to do all three. Local food doesn't suffer the "jet lag" of produce trucked across the country. It puts more money back into the local economy and saves a whole lot of gas. Find the best farmers' markets near Cincinnati below:

  1. 1

    Anderson Farmers Market

    7850 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  2. 2

    College Hill Farm Market

    5742 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  3. 3

    Findlay Farmers Market

    1801 Race Street, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  4. 4

    Hyde Park Farmers Market

    Intersection of Erie Avenue and Edwards Road, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  5. 5

    Lettuce Eat Well Farmers' Market

    3820 Westwood Northern Boulevard, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  6. 6

    Madeira Farmers Market

    Corner of Dawson Road and Miami Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  7. 7

    Milford Farmers Market

    453 Old State Route 74, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  8. 8

    Mount Washington Farmers' Market

    6150 Plymouth Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  9. 9

    Northside Farmers Market

    4101 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County
  10. 10

    Sayler Park Farmers Market

    6610 Parkland Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County

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