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Local Husband and Wife Team Honored for Global Community Service

From: ARK in Berea

The  American Nationalities Movement has chosen the noted Cleveland  husband and wife team David and Renate Jakupca for the 2012 Freedom Award  "in recognition of their pioneering work in the Environmental Art Movement to help create a more sustainable and equitable world. Through their international advocacy and educational activities promoting from a cultural perspective, the Jakupca’s have contributed to the revitalization of cultural and environmental diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide."

"David and Renate Jakupca have combined their expertise in ecology, art and culture to really unravel the evolutionary dynamics of humanity,” said Patrick Cahill, Board member of ICEA. "It is fitting that on the ICEALITY SILVER REVELATION, the 25th anniversary of ICEA, that they receive this award and underscore humankind's view about the integrative nature of the process of freedom and peace for all."

Together, the Jakupca’s founded the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) in 1987 to meet the compelling needs of ordinary citizens for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues.  Today, the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is a force for socially responsible activity as stated clearly in its mission statement: “ICEALITY” - to assist in the understanding of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through the Arts while ultimately promoting a sustainable global culture of peace network.”  Over the years, ICEA has gained a reputation for excellence based upon a unique library of specialized and current information on global importance and a wide range of imaginative programming and collaborations with other organizations to meet the needs of a broad constituency. With affiliates across the globe, the ICEA supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and Code of Ethics and a range of programs that strengthens them. It supports research, information sharing and effective action throughout the global environmental arts network

At the ARK in Berea, David Jakupca has for the past four decades, been a highly vocal scholarly leader that has used the Arts as a tool for social change. Major institutions have christened him as the "Spiritual Father of the Environmental Art Movement," for his pioneering work on the Theory of Iceality.

Renate was born in Austria , and as director of  ICEA , she is committed to developing the potential of the arts to reach ordinary people, bringing them clear information about the complex challenges we all face.  Her work has taken her to the past 9 U.N. Conferences in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa .. One successful approach Renate developed together with her partner was to re-cycle huge quantities of information generated by the United Nations’ conferences around the world, and to make it accessible in the form of presentations and exhibits. 

David and Renate Jakupca have been married for 39 years and, in all that time, have excelled in their commitment to the Greater Cleveland Community and beyond. What they consider their most important contribution, is the Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM).  The WCPM serves as a multicultural peace milestone and, in time, will become the largest monument dedicated to Global Peace for all Children.  In America , it is the backbone of the coast-to-coast Great American Peace Trail.

Together, they have won many honors including from the United Nations, the Nelson Mandela Leadership Award, and TIME Magazine as one of their 2000 Millennium "Heroes of the Planet".  David and Renate have been appointed American Cultural Ambassadors when they represented the United States at EXPO2000 - the World's Fair in Hanover, Germany .  In 2010, they were recognized as American Red Cross Community Heroes.

Both are officers and members of many local ethnic clubs and organizations, including President of Ohio German American Business Association, German PAC, Branch 4 of the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons, where David is the German Ambassador and Renate is the Austrian Ambassador to Cleveland .

In addition to being invited to receive the Freedom Award, the Jakupca’s will present each guest attending a signed print of ‘PEACE AND PROSPERITY’ from Whiskey Island that is suitable for framing.  Albert Rohraff, Michigan Conservationist and art collector, stated: "The print ‘Peace and Prosperity’ by David Jakupca is the visual link between Art and the Environment....clean water, air and sustainable use of the Land, peoples' and animal rights, the Past and the Future….all exemplified in one important yet beautiful piece of Americana".

Additional Quotes: 
At the formation of ICEA, Canadian activist Rick Coronado from Great Lakes United forecasted,  “The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA), founded by David and Renate Jakupca, will act as our benchmark by which we can measure change and continuity in everything from the environment to relations between people through the Arts. But more than that, it will remind us that we are not the first people, native and immigrants alike, to face difficult choices in troubled times".

Community Activist, India Keyes, said, "David and Renate Jakupca have been the leading architects of peace in showing how iceality works -- how small changes can lead to big ones. It is particularly fitting that as they approach the zenith of their careers, it coincides with this year's award.  They are universally recognized and have been the honored guests at an extraordinary number of lectures and symposia all over the globe celebrating the iceality of peace."

The Captive Nations Commemoration Program will be held on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 at Toscana Party Center, 4972 East 71 St., in Cuyahoga Heights, from 5:00 pm to 9 pm.  Ample free parking is available, with cocktails and appetizers at 5 and dinner around 6:15 pm.  Tickets are $30 per person.  For reservations or more information, please contact Judge Perk at 216-403-9897 by July 14, 2012.

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