Map of Top Rated Hiking Trails near Swarthmore, PA

Hiking Trail locations around Swarthmore PA. Find the best trails with our hiking map and guide!

  1. 1

    Chincoteague and Assateague Islands

    Although Misty, the pint-size pony, may have made the Chincoteague/ Assateague area famous, there's...
  2. 2

    Sussex Ponds Cruise

    Aside from being ideal for cycling with its almost traffic-free and wooded backroads, Delaware's...
  3. 3

    Killens Pond Loop, Killens Pond State Park

    A walk around an eighteenth-century millpond through diverse wetland and upland forests. Set in the...
  4. 4

    Lewes and Cape May: Victorian Secret

    A funny thing about the reign of good Queen Victoria in the final sixty years of the nineteenth...
  5. 5

    Junction and Breakwater Trail, Cape Henlopen State Park

    This hike passes through scenic Holland Glade, highlighted by a scenic overlook on a wooden bridge...
  6. 6

    Iron Hill Park

    Once the site of a large mining operation, Iron Hill Park's334 acres now lie alongside the hustle...
  7. 7

    White Clay Creek Preserve Loop, White Clay Creek State Park

    A hike through the floodplain woodlands along White Clay Creek. White Clay Creek Preserve Loop is...
  8. 8

    Pomeroy and Newark Rail Trail

    The Pomeroy Line Rail-Trail links the city of Newark, Delaware to White Clay Creek State Park and...
  9. 9

    Whitetail Trail, White Clay Creek State Park

    A hike on the rolling hills of Delaware's piedmont through meadows, old fields, and impressive...
  10. 10

    Middle Run Natural Area

    As you ride through the park, you'll appreciate the well-marked and well-maintained trails, as well...

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