San Antonio - Alamo Heights Rotary Club

8620 N New Braunfels


The Alamo Heights Rotary Club was organized in March 1948, and received its Charter on April 23, 1948.  Mr. William Turner of the San Antonio Rotary Club was the sponsor of the Club.  The Club started with 18 members.

An outstanding accomplishment of the first year was the Christmas tree for the crippled children of San Antonio.  The ceremony was held out doors for the children that were brought by buses and ambulances.  Each child was presented a gift with their name on it.  The Christmas party, in giving a little happiness to these unfortunate children, has brought satisfaction to the Rotary members and has been continued each year.

The first major project for the Alamo Heights Rotary Club was in helping Camp Idlewinde, the YWMCA camp in Comfort, Texas.  The members financed and built a cottage at the camp in 1948-49.  The following year (1949-50) money was raised to pay for an additional cottage.  Also during this year, the Rotary Club became interested in the Warm Springs Foundation in Gonzales, Texas and raised over $1,000 for their first donation.  Substantial donations have been made to this worthy cause in subsequent years.

Meeting Information:

We meet at The Petroleum Club every Tuesday at 12 pm (Noon).