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The Aurora Public Library is recognized as one of Colorado's most active and cost-efficient library systems. In addition to visiting any of seven library branches, the public can access Odyssey, the library's online catalog. Odyssey contains all library materials available for loan, including books, government documents, video tapes, databases, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs.

The library strives to provide the best services, programs and materials collections at a minimal cost to tax paying residents. Library cards are available to Aurora residents free of charge from any Aurora Library branch.
The Aurora Public Library was first established in 1929 as a single-room library in a house at 1516 Dallas Street. The library now offers seven locations to serve Aurora's residents.


Sage Nunez

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Staff is incredibly helpful and kind! Sign up was very easy. Yes, there are homeless people here as someone mentioned, but the homeless population has to go somewhere; libraries are free and thus the best choice. Let security know if anyone harasses you. I requested a book maybe two days ago and it’s already in. Hours are awesome. My only complaint is what’s in stock—or I guess what isn’t. I would love to see some more LGBTQ books on the shelves. I managed to find one history book on my wish list of eight books; it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for either as it was a history of Hollywood sexuality, and not, say, a history of the Lavender Menace. All in all, though, excellent staff, quick service, and fantastic hours.

l t

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
Wonderful place to relax and/or study. There is something really comfy about this Library. Lots of private and quiet study areas. It is easy to find what you're looking for. The size is perfect for the location. Friendly staff, vending machines if you get hungry, and you can even purchase a pen or pencil if you forgot to bring one.

january jones

Monday, Jan. 22, 2018
Homeless Public Library should be name of this location and I'm completely okay with that because as a human being we are caring and compassionate individuals so we are always welcoming but I feel it should be for all individuals. I recently relocated to Denver and this library is close to my home. The first time I attempted to use the study room it was completely booked not because they care enough to regulate the time because they don't have a time limit, everyday I made an attempt for two weeks and the same homeless lady was in the study room asleep everyday I bought it to the attention of staff that the rooms are supposed to be used for studying they politely told me that they can go in a wake her but that is all that they can do. No rules at all on what is done at this library kids roam free and can be loud, bathrooms are not usable because they are not frequently cleaned, people begging inside the library for money and cigarettes, the only safety you have is knowing when you leave the police station is nearby.

H. Parker

Monday, Feb. 12, 2018
This has always been a great place to read, research and study. However, even though staff seem to do well managing the location there are situations that still need to be addressed such as: small children running around making noise, people talking on cell phones, people speaking loudly with others around them and one of the worst changes, is that adults use computers in the children's/teen section without a child even being present with them. They used to have a sign saying adults needed to be with a child to use those computers in that section. These things can be a distraction to productive work. These were issues when my son was trying to take an online assessment. The upgraded printing process is a plus (touch screen & option to pay with card). It would also be more welcoming if folks weren't hanging all around the entrance, especially signature collectors. People just want to come and take care of business. Hopefully, folks themselves will be more observant of those around them.

Akeem W

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017
Way better than Denver Library. This probably The best one in the Denver metro area. Very conveint when you need their services the most cause they open early and close late. So if you need to get some stuff done before or after work this place would most likely be open. Another thing that's good is that it's hours of operations are consistent unlike the Denver library where one day it's open at 10, then another 12, then another day 1pm. It has huge variety of computers and tons of quiet study rooms. If you're a person working on a project, this place should be #1 on your list.

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