San Antonio - Bazan Branch Library

2200 West Commerce Street


Over the years, the Bazan Branch Library has placed a strong emphasis on its role as a formal educational support center and a pre-school learning center.

Prior to the Bazan Library, there was the old Prospect Hill Library which was built in 1930. This area, also known as Prospect Hill, which is just west of downtown, is rich in history and has produced many prominent Hispanics. The library's doors closed in 1969, when the Las Palmas Library was opened further west. So it wasn't until 1977 when the Bazan Library opened that this area once again had a library. The Bazan Library first opened its doors in 1977 in the Mexican American Unity Council (MAUC) Building (next door to its present location). And it was this library that was named after Isabel G. Bazan, a former librarian. This branch remained in the MAUC building until the larger, present facility opened on June 19, 1993. This beautiful building was designed by O'Neill, Conrad, Oppelt Architects.