Berea - Berea Chamber of Commerce

173 Front Street

Mission :
Advancing and developing the commercial, industrial, civic and general interest for the residents and the City of Berea.

About Us :
The Berea Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1939 and constantly strives to serve its membership. We encourage you to become a part of the buisness community that recognizes the importance of working together to build a better Berea. It is to all our benefit to make Berea a thriving, vital community.

History :
The Berea Businessmen's Association, founded on January 28, 1887, was the first business association in Berea. Membership cost was $5.00, and the group's main objective was the promotion of the village.

In March, 1939 The Businessmen's Association was dissolved and The Berea Chamber of Commerce was established. The New organization had over 137 members.