Bloomfield - Bloomfield School District

155 Broad Street

"The Bloomfield Public School district, a culturally diverse system, is committed through cooperative efforts within an educational community to provide an equal opportunity for all learners to achieve individual success and to be prepared to meet the needs of an evolving Society."

Our Philosophy:

The Bloomfield Public Schools are organized to meet the needs of the students from the time they enter kindergarten until they graduate from high school. Teachers and administrators are sincerely interested in the welfare and progress of each individual.

The students who attend our schools come first. We have an obligation to provide a cost-effective education program that meets the instructional needs of each student. It is also our responsibility to welcome the children into an educational environment that is conducive to the teaching/learning process. The positive learning environment is created to assist students in developing to their fullest potential.


Jessie Matos

Friday, Sep. 1, 2017
Teachers here apparently don't know what indoctrination is. The guidance counselors don't know how to correctly put a schedule together. If you're looking for four years of average education then you've found it. The government doesn't really care about your child's education, they care more about appeasing teacher's unions. Also the PARCC isn't mandatory so don't take it.

Jonathan Ali

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017
Hey, you know who's beautiful? Read the first word of the previous sentence.


Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
Everyone in this school has weed on them so lit

Aalby Paul

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017
My reading improved from a 9th grade level to a 4th grade level

Sharon Ramnauth

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016
I Wanna Start By Saying This Has Been The Worst experience as a Bloomfield resident Since My Son Has been enrolled here ever since 9th grade now in 11th grade has been bullied harassed physically assaulted went to the school and board of education 3 times in a row for 3 months making 3 years of continuous bullying for my son Bloomfield Staff Accuses Him Thrashes Him Does Not Allow Him To Speak His Side The Whole Bhs Facility and staff make me sick to my stomach i nor my son can eat and sleep as a parent im a point of no return the school protects the bullys and the trouble makers but throw the innocent kids who wants to speak the truth about what really happened Bloomfield Staff To Me is bullys themselves thats why the bullied kids never have a good education at this point my son is on the verge of dropping out of because he is overwhelmed with what he has been going thru this is the kind of education at BHS to the point where his high school diploma becomes a high school drop out i am very ashamed of having my son attend this low educated school i am a parent for Higher education not lower education.!!!!!!!