Pittsburgh - Braddock Hills Borough

1300 Brinton Road

Braddock Hills, a small borough on the hilltops to the north and west of the region first known as Braddock's Field, is now the boroughs of Braddock, North Braddock and Rankin.

The Two main roads of the early days are still the main roads through Braddock Hills. Brinton Road, which winds along the tops of the hills, was originally an Indian trail through the woods. The Indians kept to the ridges where they could better watch for their enemies. Braddock Road, extending from Greensburg Pike to Hawkins Avenue; (Wilkins Road), grew from a country road used by the farmers and coal miners on their many trips to Braddock. Plots of ground along Brinton Road were sold from the larger farms and gradually a little village called Hannatown come into being. The first elementary school was located on the present site of the Braddock Hills Municipal Community Center (formerly Braddock Hills Elementary School). The Hanna Family donated the land for the school, which was called Hannatown School. This was the typical one-room school, but through the years as the community grew so did the school. In 1966, a court-mandated jointure was formed between the School District of Braddock Hills and Swissvale, which brought about a reorganization of the local educational system. In 1981 a Federal Court order merged four school districts into the now Woodland Hills School District.