Kyle - City of Kyle

100 West Center Street


The City of Kyle was founded in 1880 by nearby settlers from the communities of Blanco and Mountain City. Fergus Kyle, for whom the town was named, and the family of David Moore donated 200 acres of land for a town site when the International and Great Northern Railroad built a line from Austin to San Antonio. Lots were first sold in October 1880 at an auction held beneath a Live Oak tree at 204 Sledge Street. And thus the rich history and tradition of Kyle began.

The City of Kyle is launching a branding initiative to put Kyle on the map. Mayor Travis Mitchell officially proclaimed January 23 as Pie Day in Kyle, which corresponds to National Pie Day.Why pie? Why not? Kyle offers an array of pies, some savory, such as Frito pie and chicken pot pie, others sweet. As City Manager Scott Sellers told a group of local business owners recently, every city needs something on which to hang its hat. He recounted a story of seeing a group of tourists taking pictures near city hall.