Claremont - Claremont Community Foundation

205 Yale Avenue

The Claremont Community Foundation, one of over 400 local community foundations throughout the country, was established in 1989 to serve the long-term philanthropic needs of our community. A private nonprofit organization, the Foundation accepts tax-deductible gifts from individuals, families, small businesses, corporations, and other organizations seeking to maximize their long-term philanthropic impact. With careful and prudent oversight by a volunteer Board of Directors, Foundation assets are structured and managed as a family of constituent Funds, with principal and earnings invested and/or distributed to support the charitable intent of donors. Since 1989, the Foundation has awarded grants to more than 60 programs and special projects, enriching the lives of youth and adults throughout the community.

The Claremont Community Foundation represents the important values of Claremont, a special small town within the larger Los Angeles metropolitan area.

It's Personal - a hometown organization which makes it possible for citizens to care for each other and support local projects and activities of special interest to donors.

It's Positive - a blend of fine arts, social support services, and cultural activities which addresses a broad range of human needs and enriches the quality of life in our community.

It's Permanent - a vision of the future which preserves those values to pass along to new generations of Claremont citizens.