Claremont - Claremont Heritage

840 North Indian Hill Boulevard

Claremont Heritage is a non-profit membership organization devoted to the preservation of the history and historic character of Claremont through research, education and advocacy. Our public programs include walking tours, slide shows, lectures, workshops, home tours, bus tours, newsletters, and school presentations.

We work with the city to ensure appropriate designs for changes to historic structures as well as neighborhoods, landscapes, sites and monuments.

We further preserve and display documents, photographs, memorabilia and other sources of information relating to the history of Claremont and maintain a local history reference library as well as a gift shop.

We offer a list of craftsmen who work on older homes and provide free information to homeowners and other interested parties.

We promote public discussion, scholarship and general interest in the history of Claremont and research the histories of families, individuals and community institutions.

In all of these ways we seek to communicate to residents and visitors the qualities that make Claremont unique and the value of preserving our neighborhoods and history.


Brian DeVille

Friday, March 4, 2016
Great park, with excellent summer events. The playground could be better, but it's okay the way it is. Overall, events here have gotten more crowded, and less appealing each year. It's not the city's fault, it's the growth of the inland empire causing the overcrowding.

Anindita Singh

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meagan Garner

Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015