San Antonio - East Central Independent School District

6634 New Sulphur Springs Road


East Central students will become successful, responsible, and productive citizens with a strong sense of community and a respect for cultural diversity. Embodying the American tradition of personal responsibility coupled with a sense of generosity and caring, they will become lifelong learners through the support of the education community and through their own academic endeavors.

As tomorrow's leaders, they will achieve to their maximum potential in safe, orderly schools with high learning standards and opportunities for real-world applications of their acquired skills.


The mission of the East Central Independent School District is to prepare students to become Successful, Responsible, And Productive Citizens. A Successful Student works to his/her full potential, has excellent attendance, possesses self-worth and projects a positive self-image, enjoys life and gets satisfaction out of whatever he/she is doing, acts as a positive leader, establishes realistic goals, and makes good decisions.

A Responsible Student learns marketable skills to make him/her employable and self-supporting, handles constructive criticism well, exhibits a cooperative attitude, accepts the consequences of his/her actions, leads a healthy lifestyle, honors commitments, and respects the rights and property of self and others.

A Productive Student becomes involved in school, club, and community activities, attains his/her goals, assists peers with their problems, makes a positive contribution to the community, does more than is required, and always strives for excellence.

ECISD Board Goals:

Increase and reward the performance and success of all students.
Increase the graduation / completion rate.
Protect the financial integrity of the District.
Engage, empower and motivate all students to achieve to their fullest potential.
Develop a plan to address future growth in the district.


John Smith

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014
my daughter loved going to harmony but she is going to miss this school we hope yall have a good day

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Sunday, April 10, 2011