Emeryville - Emeryville Chamber Of Commerce

3980 Harlan Street


The Mission of the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce is to:

-Represent the Emeryville business community to all levels of government.

-Provide a forum for the exchange of information, resources, and ideas.

-Facilitate and encourage the transaction of business among members.

-Promote Emeryville as a vibrant place to conduct business, live, work, shop and play.

-Foster expansion of economic, industrial, cultural and educational opportunities.

About the Chamber:

The Emeryville Chamber of Commerce, through its merger with the Emeryville Industries Association, is one of the oldest business development organizations in the Bay Area. The new organization, the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce, works to promote the overall health and vitality of Emeryville and the surrounding area through promotion of business and the free enterprise system.

The Chamber's Program of Work is divided into five major areas: Business Growth, Representing the Interests of Business Before Government, Community Leadership and Promotion, Member Benefits and Services, and Organizational Administration and Efficiency. The Chamber offers a variety of programs, events, and other functions all designed with one purpose in mind: to build a stronger and healthier community through business and economic growth.



Friday, Oct. 26, 2012
T324 loves working with the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce. Bob and Orah work hard to promote member businesses and we enjoy the mixers and networking events.

A Google User

Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010
These guys are not so good with the truth. Their "newspaper" is filled with falsehoods. The agenda is anti resident and small business, pro big business. They favor a tax code that punishes residents and small business but lets big business off the hook. In any contest between big business and small business in town, the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce can be counted on to side with the big business, It's the same old republican agenda you've heard over and over again mixed with lies to make it seem more palatable.