Enfield - Enfield Historical Society

1294 Enfield Street

Enfield, Connecticut has a rich history, which the Enfield Historical Society strives to discover and preserve.  Visit our history page to read about the Thompsonville carpet industry, the Hazardville gunpowder industry, the Enfield Shaker Community, and many other facets of Enfield's past.

The Enfield Historical Society is a non-profit all-volunteer organization.  Our mission is to preserve the history of Enfield, Connecticut and to educate the public about our town's history.  To achieve these goals we operate museums, collect artifacts and information pertaining to the Enfield's history, and conduct demonstrations, tours, regular meetings and other special events.

The Enfield Historical Society is run by a board of directors and other officers, all of whom are elected from and by the membership of the Society.  Everyone is welcome to join our organization.  Membership in the Enfield Historical Society entitles you to hold office and to vote in Society elections.  All members also receive our newsletter.

Regular meetings are held from September through May, usually on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M. at the Enfield American Baptist Church, 129 Post Office Road.  Meeting dates, times, and program information are available on our calendar of events, which also lists special events.  Most of our meetings and events are open to the public and are free of charge.

The Enfield Historical Society operates three museums.  All are open to the public free of charge.  The Old Town Hall Museum was built as the third meeting house of the First Ecclesiastical Society of Enfield in 1774, and continues to serve our community after over two centuries, as both a museum and headquarters for our organization.  The Martha A. Parsons House Museum was built in 1782 and houses two centuries of Parsons family possessions.  The Wallop School Museum was built in 1800 and remained in service until 1949.  We hope that you will visit each of them and see the thousands of artifacts on display.  No matter what your interest, you will likely find something that makes you very happy you stopped in!

In addition to operating museums, the Enfield Historical Society provides free tours and other services to schools.  Tours for groups and individuals, speakers, and limited genealogy resources are also available.