Elmhurst - Faith Evangelical United Methodist Church

111 West North Avenue

Faith Church began when a small group of Elmhurst residents started meeting in their homes for midweek prayer, Bible study and fellowship in 1910. In 1914, the present church building was built with the first worship service held on Easter Sunday. The church was known as the Lighthouse on the Corner.

We continue to be the Lighthouse on the corner of North Avenue and York Road as we share the love of Jesus Christ from this location. In addition to our worship services we have a number of small groups and programs. We support a number of missions and ministries beyond our church. We are a multi-cultural church that cares for and supports one another and welcomes those who are new into our midst.                          


Creating Connections through Extending Christ’s Love.

Faith Church hopes to continue to connect people to Jesus Christ and our church for the next 100 years.


Kim Ruelo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
This is not the greatest church. I've been to many other churches that have articulate pastors, amazing services, impressive ministries, but Faith Church is authentic. Just like seeing an incredible view from a mountaintop, sometimes all I can do is look at the people at Faith and just think, “Wow, God is great!” Faith Church reminds me of God’s faithfulness through the lives within this church.

Ken Wittman

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018
Not at this time.